Art Of God [S.4.M.R. Intro]

Denzel Curry

Album Strictly 4 my R.V.I.D.X.R.Z. (1993)


Yeah, welcome to Black Land Radio 66. motherfucking 6 nigga
We’re gonna be interviewing
Raider Klan’s own
Denzel Curry
This broadcast is for the minds and everyone
So get your 40’s and your black boats
Get your stylez teas, get your blunts, get your brew, get your lean
Cause we ’bout to go deep, we ’bout to go real deep
Into the minds of one of the youngest MCs but yet intellectual
Everything you hear from the verse to the stage
Why did you sleep on it?


Strictly for my Raiders that be up on the block
Runnin’ niggas one deep when they servin’ the rock
This just started a revolution where niggas poppin’ a cop
Liberating my mind, as I losing the drop top
Got my finger on my trigger
Like 2Pac, this is strictly for my niggas
Rest in peace from me cause up in person you a nigga like me
Just tryna’ get richer
I don’t know what’s worse, my generation’s lost


Fuck this life cause I see it’s not a curse


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