Champ’s n G’s

Denzel Curry

Album Strictly 4 my R.V.I.D.X.R.Z. (1993)


You know I’m saying, strictly for my raiders nigga
I had to get 2 niggas, you know I’m saying
These raiders my nigga, Champ Fway, Harvey G
Man, give ’em that phone my nigga
Black man radio

Beat drop

Strictly for my raiders,


Black Man Radio 66.6, nigga

Verse 1


Snapping niggas’ necks, Macho Man, Randy Savage
All my hoes the baddest, Hold ’em like magnets
If I see George then my man, I’ll blast him
They look like we ain’t equal
Turnin’ us against our own people


, pure evil
Not transparent, I see you
Tell the truth and they ain’t believe you
Only live once, you better think twice (think about it)


they’ll come and snatch your life
This chess, not checkers, not rolling dice

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