Gold Teeth And A Glock (The Creepers Song)

Denzel Curry

Album King of the Mischievous South, Vol. 1 (Underground Tape 1996)




Gold teeth and a Glock, lil’ nigga on his grind
All I need is a mask and a motherfuckin’ .9
Need about 4 or 5 niggas from the game
‘Cause these streets ain’t safe, at your wait, when I make a statement


R.V.I.D.X.R Gang killing these niggas, I’m packin’ the uzi and a black tint
Aquarius Killa the dungeon you into, Denzel is not actin’
Action, camera, fuckin’ up your stamina
Denzel Curry, Aquarius Killa, that nigga cause a massacre like Brother Mitch, infamous, don’t cross me like a crucifix
Reppin’ me, I keep the niggas that shot me, I spit back up the bullets, bitch
Niggas on that duffel shit, too low to the fuckin’ key (Yeah)
Reppin’ me, I get Aquarius Killa, that nigga like Purrp, rock keep the G


Yeah, gold teeth and a Glock (Glock)
Drop, you get got (Got), that’s dead cop (Cop)
First, grab the Glock (Glock), then the gauge (Blow!)
Ayy, pull the trigger, release the rage

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