Denzel Curry

Album King Remembered (Underground Tape 1991–1995)


66 6, I’m bumpin’ Lord Infamous
I’m killin’ all the witnesses
Begin’ just like the Genesis
Genocide cause I’m about to kill ’em all
Your future is odd dog
But I’m rollin’ with god
You put it in backwards, I put it in reverse
I told you I’m hot boy, my name ain’t Turk, but
I’mma Juvenile, I’m reppin’ Grim Reaper style
Shootin’ with the K, ay that’s 3 2 weapon 98
This lyricist, nigga flow infinite
Unlock the hidden like a took a pill


Lifestyles of the motherfuckin’ potent dangerous
My flow straight from hell
Rest in peace to Big L
Corleone, G shit like Al Capone
When a nigga drop a dime I feel like the world is mine
Next thing is to do
Smoke the herb and drink the brew
Dank killers family, the next instant killer crew
What we gon’ do to get that?

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