Denzel Curry

Album King Remembered (Underground Tape 1991–1995)


I am that nigga with the phonk
Niggas talkin’ shit, I’mma slide with that pump
Yeah nigga it is me, D-E-N-Z-E-L
From that Raider Klan and you know I ain’t gon’ fail
I don’t really know how these niggas come in the game and they say that they ’bout shit
Get deep in the pussy, it’s wet and cushy
I’m gettin’ hoes wet like a fountain
Mountain, get on the top of the Everest coolin’ with penguin
Curry the killa, was born to be trilla than niggas they say I’m a genius
Einstein Aquarius’Killa, the niggas I’m not in the right mind
Give me a watch and a clock and a Glock and I’m tellin’ you that it’s the right time
TEC-9, MAC-10, them niggas they come and they bust 8
16 bustin 16, niggas is dead weight
Hey, just like the Titanic you know that it’s goin’ down
Mixtape rappers won’t survive in the underground
You runnin’ with me, I’m runnin’ with God
Assasinate rap, you know mines a job
My nigga done trippin’, on fours I be tippin’
I keepin’ the whippin’ like sonic boom
So when I strike back that jay shit is ’bout to blow
Nah this ain’t no Scarecrow, like Pillsbury I wants dough
I wants more, yes nigga I wants more
Denzel Curry, Raider Klan y’all niggas should know
I am that nigga with the phonk
Niggas talkin’ shit, I’mma slide with that pump nigga
I am that nigga with the phonk nigga
I am that nigga, I am that nigga
I am that—


Shoutout to SpaceGhostPurrp
A$AP, Raiders too

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