XXL Freshman Freestyle: Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry


It’s more than a lyrical war
That’s why I tow heavy metal, that’s a semi-automatic
AR rip, let a fuck nigga have it
Make it look like he exited from a water rapids
Nah this ain’t rappin’
Talkin’ bout these fake ass niggas that hide behind the AVI graphics
Girls wanna be plastic, even though they beautiful the way they are
Get it through they heads, now they strippin’ on the Worldstar
This ain’t Hip Hop, buddy, I’mma need more chicks
More clips, fuck a big body Benz, I need warships
2014, I went through the worst shit
A near death experience helped me thinkin’ ’bout torment
Fuck friends, they just run they courses
Now these niggas faker than animes that they worship
Smile in your face, but on the real I know it’s horse shit
Let the dork live, but God said “let the Lord spit”
I’m the king of the mischievous south
And this one goes to all the hoes that be screaming it out
Black hawks flying around my city, that’s my vicinity
But I don’t give a fuck, none of that shit really interest me
Fuck you, fuck them, and a enemy
I wet a nigga sweatshirt cause that’s a Sly Tendency
You can not get with me, hop off my N-U-T’s
Please, bitch I allow you to breathe

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