Coke Boys 3

French Montana

Album Coke Boys 3


You ever want something
That you know you shouldn’t have
But the more you know you shouldn’t have it
The more you want it?
And then one day, you get it, and it’s so good to you
We got the straight dropping, everybody know
Where the money at, tell me where to go

Verse 1

Niggas joking, hundred rounds hit your funny bone
Life short, nigga, but my money grown
Grind for years, nigga tried to fly to Belize
Homie want a hundred mill, but he caught a hundred years
Getting more money cause I care less
I’mma ball, double R on my headrest
Ross and Diddy got a nigga all illuminated
Fornicating, get your main bitch lubricated
Came from the bottom, now a nigga packing fields
Came from the bottom, now the house on the hills
Can you see me, ho? Bitch, can you see me now?
Got me on my Pac shit, are you still down?
Thirty-six Os to thirty-six homes
Thirty-six cars, thirty-six hoes
When I caught my first lick, never looking back
Thirty chains on, looking like a turtleneck
I see you niggas broke, you wanna hit this dough
You went against the grain, nigga, gotta watch you choke
In the presence of the greatest, so humbling
Coke Boy, Bad Boy, and the double M
Reaching for the stars, but my feet so grounded
Speak to the boss, nigga, don’t creep around me
You got funny ways, niggas fucking gay
You ain’t raw paper, you got twenty days
Peep the Franck Muller, I’m a sharpshooter
Can’t jerk me, homie, I let your skank do that
I’m still affiliated with them brick dealers
Affiliated with them niggas tryna watch millions
We buying shares, you niggas thousandaires
Fucking with the dream team, need a thousand years
Pyrex boy, Montana, straight chemist
Put them feelings to the side, nigga
Straight business


You say y’all ready, but you not ready
We got the straight dropping, everybody know
Where that money at, tell me where to go

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