Coke Boys

French Montana

Album Mister 16: Casino Life


Mr. 16
Coke Boy
San Fran nigga


Middle fingers up in this mawfucka, I’m a mawfucka
Got the hammer right now in this mawfucka
I’m really in the game, I never change
You know the team, that’s cocaine

Verse 1: French Montana

Shit is real life, something more than lyrics
You niggas overnight, something like gimmicks
Feelings to the side, it’s nothing more than business
Middle finger to the cops, you fucking with killers
Catch me in the lab, something like a chemist
Your man looking nervous, something like a witness (Snitch!)
Call the key, whipping like a slave
Catch me in the cut low, something like a fade
I’m blowing purple smoke, me and my kinfolk
Think you an animal, I turn you to a mink coat
All black everything with my brim low
Seattle smoke blowing out the window

Hook x2
Verse 2: Chinx Drugz

Nigga you know the game
It’s cocaine, bigger banks, niggas bossed up
The penalty for throwing ice is getting tossed up (Dig me?)
Stacks in abundance, a good grind will have you pulling racks by the hundreds
Coupe looking leche, banging like an essays
My young boys blowin trumpets like Dizzy Gillespie
Stack and a half’s what I paid for the fresh 8
Shorty think I’m the bomb and I didn’t even detonate
Riot squad, cocaine get your head right (Get it right)
For them things, get in his wig like head lice
Hurry up and die, they know I’m something fly
Name a crew hotter, you a fucking liar

Hook x2
Verse 3: Flip

Yo I never been a sucker, I gets the job done
Stand over a motherfucker, squeeze until he done
If you heard of BK, you know I’m not the one
I’ll lay you where you stand, put that on my son
See, I don’t know what you heard so I’m addressing all the rumors
Me losing my spot is like me losing my shooters
It won’t happen, see I got this mac shit tatted
From shoulder to shoulder suck a dick to all the niggas ratting
And money’s not an issue, but its coming in daily
Stashbox got a pistol for the jackers trying to trail me
Let the dogs hit the AC hold the ends & it’ll lift up
I grip up, pull up on a kid and get lit up!

Hook x2
Verse 4: Charlie YG

No more rosé, I’m starting to get dizzy
Got bottles of the Nuvo, just to look pretty
Strapped in the club, you know they don’t frisk me
With all these jewels on, its hard to miss me
Got to hold down my borough, until they free Remy
But this is for, this is for, this is for my city, yung ones & Diddy
Uh, uh, got me feeling like Biggie
All about the Benjie’s, streets in a frenzy
These niggas couldn’t cut it, I’m something like a Jimmy
Gonna have to fight with the stacks dog
If you trying to bend knees, got me all in the mood all I’m thinking Tech this!

Hook x2

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