Do For Drugs

French Montana

Album The Laundry Man


(French Montana)

Max, French Montana, Dame Grease, Coke Wave
This That More Compatible Music
This That Shit That Got Them Feenes Selling They Whole Muthafuckin’ Cream


(Max B)

What You Won’t Do For Drugs?
You Think You Got Everything, But You Gonna Need Drugs
You Pawned Your Jewels (Pawned Your Jewels) For Drugs
You Tried Everything But You Gone Need Drugs


I Should Have Knew You Was Trouble Right From The Start
You Stood In MY Corner When That Bitch Broke My Heart
You Came Through, Kept A Brother Up, I Maintained But You Tried To Set A Nigga Up
Fuck It, I Wouldn’t Risk, Knowing Im Living On The Edge
Keep My Burner, 9-1-3 In His Head, Coppers Come And We Fled
It Was Me, Unc & Bugalo. Im Really The One, Know Tell Me What You Gonna Do
I Think I Need A 50 Piece, That Shit Will Get Me Right, Get Me High
We Running Through The City Fly, Bitches Love When We Fuck
Love When We Come & Light Em Up, Bite Em Up
Baby Come Get In The Truck (What You Wanna Do?)


(French Montana)

Feenes Love The Aroma, Catch Me Outside With My Vest & My Armor
All I See Is Green, Homie Im A Farmer, Nah Thats Off Topic, Fuck The Informants
Gone Hang My Phone, Meet Me Outside, Don’t Make It Obvious Jump Up In The Ride
(What You Say? 2x) Money On The Table, Niggas Moving Drugs, Homie Fuck A Label
Granddaddy Kush, Make You Cough A Lung Up, You Can’t Go Higher You Can’t Go Under
Homie Them Potent O’s & Grams In A Roll , Summer To The Spring To The Winter To The Fall
Pieces Of The Hole, Got The Soft & The Hard. Coke Wave Nigga Come Fuck With Your Boy

(Max B Outro)

I Miss You Darling Where You Been? I Been In Court All Day And I Need A Smoke
Dont Sip That Goose, Never Fucks With Gin
I Gotta Thing For Grand Cru & I Can’t Let Go


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