Don’t Waste My Time

French Montana

Album Coke Boys 4

Hook: Konan

If she ain’t fucking, she got to go
Tell her, ‘don’t waste my time’
Police want to stop me, search my clothes
Tell em ‘don’t waste my time’
If it ain’t money, I ain’t involved
Tell em ‘don’t waste my time’
Wasteman waffling down my phone
Tell em’ don’t waste my time (nah nah nah)

Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (kaboom)
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (oh yea)
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (na)
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (nah nah nah)
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (kaboom)
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (behave)
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (da)
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time (nah nah nah)

Verse 1: Chinx Drugz

If they order any less than a brick
Nigga don’t waste my time
These hoes ain’t fucking me and all my niggas
Tell her, ‘don’t waste my time’
Nigga they don’t want 20 seconds on the clock
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time
Heard a couple niggas scheming on my watch
Fuck nigga wanna waste my time
Couple hundred missin out your pocket in the morning
Nigga need to check that bitch, she lying
Label try school me, I’m already on fire
Tell ’em, don’t waste my time
Left with your bitch right in front of your face
Fuck with no rats, I don’t fuck with no jake
On that but shackled, they sent you upstate
Snitches in your building caught the murder on tape

Hook: Konan
Verse 2: French Montana

Fuck you, I got a good lawyer
Gold chain, Golden Boy, French De La Hoya
Cocaine, no brain when I pull the toy up
Rope chains, made millions off the dope game
Man shooters they shoot, they don’t talk
Killer don’t waste my time
If that watch don’t cost about 50
Jeweller don’t waste my time
She said you gonna be my big daddy
Tell her don’t waste my time, don’t hit my line
Bitch I’m lying
Make a couple mill every deal I sign
Came from the bottom, now my niggas all shining
We gonna hide the body where nobody gon’ find him
Sign Illuminati for a ‘gatti and a island
When them Coke Boys run up on you, you go hiding

Hook: Konan

[Verse 3: Lil’ Durk)
Don’t waste my time, bitch I ain’t got a dime
If you ain’t fuckin right now
Call number 9, he just got a number 9 if I call him, he slides
Tax for a brick when I know you gon sleep, nigga think I’m a grouch
Niggas snitching nowadays so I gotta mask up, no time for a line
Real savage shit
Niggas tweet bout the squad, I ain’t having it
I’m talkin empty bottles, mama sittin back with a kind of liquor
Police saying well kinda shit
Out here I’m a homie, no lacking shit
No acting shit, That mac will spit
10 rappers split
Saran wrap the bricks
Louis Jacket with the actin sip
Straight drop, no Activist
No more, my Tommygun chop
Age of 12, niggas taught me how to rob
When’s your time? Thinking I’ma get it all
Petty hustle tryna turn up with a ball
In the hood, spit grips and try to ball
Niggas mad cos I just want it all
In the slammer two times when a nigga out here
Nigga never gave me a call

Hook: Konan

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