Find Me A Freak

French Montana

Album The Laundry Man

Verse 1: Paul Wall

I’m swangin through the parking lot, wavey trunck and ditching bops
Imma swang, ?
Drippin candy, so bring a mop
Legendary slab rider, grain gripper, stoppin ?
Rere end, shake it like a stripper
Candy dripper, I’m on the hunt
Tryna find some ? love
I’m on the proul for some pink, so what it do? Baby, what’s up?
Pockets swolen ? pattrollin, I’m tip towin
Wavey trunck, and yeah, I’m glowin
? slab
My slab is one of a kind, it should be an only grind
Poor the drink and fuck the ?
Baby, cause you are a dime

Verse 2: French Montana

The shoes on her feet, I’m parking lot pimpin
Tryna find me a freak, if she don’t wanna freak, then I don’t wanna speak
I ain’t lookin for no love, tryna find me a freak
I grind all week, that’s why I don’t sleep
Ain’t no ? on my chain, tryna find me a freak
Find something ? with some pretty ass feet
Gotta trunck full of drink, tryna find me a freak
? with the purple
Fuck you think, fuck around we gon hurt you
I stay underground, fuck commertial
You know me, you check no clowns in my circle
I’m searchin for a freak, I’m heavy on the jewels
I ain’t never goin trip, nigga, I got the tools
I never trust a freak, you see the black robes
? drunk, leavin out the backdoor

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