French Montana

Album The Laundry Man

Hopping out the coupe chain all tangled
Took over the streets no single, pringle
Chips all stacked benz all black
What you hit four stack? dirty nigga fall back
My money from the streets, car got a leach
Two different deals, half a mill of each
Nasty niggas can’t count that high
They was all thirsty, i took my time ahh
Now they lookin all crazy look at what you made me
Homie I’m the one like mcgravy baby
Og’s lookin young buls cooking
Shoot you in ya face while the police lookin
Left the bul sick, car got a hit
Thats a whole bunch all on the whip
Sixteen… one in the chamber
Duck and hide
Fuck nigga its danger

I Just Wanna Talk


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