Full of Everything

French Montana

Verse 1: Juicy J

I’m Hitting a blunt, and taking bong rips
And while I’m taking bong rips I’m taking lean sips
I’m freezin’ no coat on but juicy, my ? gleamin’
Fiending, and all my cars European
And all my hoes look like they from the Caribbean
And they can hang, Jack Daniels drinking Tennessee
We roll them cigarillos up and them doobies up
I’m hanging out with your wife, and y’all knew she a groupie
? I be ? these hoes I don’t trust them
I don’t build relationships, I stop off construction
Some good weed and stripper bitch is all I’m touchin’
I stay shitting on you niggas I ain’t even flushin’

Hook: Juicy J

Club full of bitches, my pockets full of franks
Cigar full of ? my cup full of drank,(x2)
And we full of everything, full of everything (x4)

Verse 2: French Montana

White bitch from college
Gucci sneakers I don’t fuck with them Prada’s
Get some dolla’s,?

Hook: Juicy J
Verse 3: Chinx Drugz

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