Millionaire Skit

French Montana

Album Coke Boys 4


(Don’t miss)
Fuck this back and forth bullshit, it’s a big waste of time
You wanna put it all up, Mr. Backer man, ha?
C’mon, shoot it all, for eighty thousand
Di-did-did I, did I just stutter or something, did I just sutter?
A few minutes ago it was like a poolhall in this motherfucker
Now it’s as quiet as a church
How much you got, Joe? (What?)
Total. You put down 80 thousand like it didn’t matter
That’s a lot of money for somebody like you and I think it matters
What’s the difference?
I’m a millionaire. That’s a difference. I lose 80, I get another 80
For me it doesn’t matter, see, I think it’s you who’s sweating this, the both of you
I’m gonna leave you with nothing
Nick, it’s all there
I’m gonna have a drink
Drink? Ha

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