New York Minute

French Montana

Album Mac Wit Da Cheese

(New York, New York, New York)


In a New York minute (Whoo-oooo)
Everything can change
In a New York minute (Whoo-oooo)
Things could get pretty strange
In a New York minute (Whoo-oooo)
Everything can change
In a New York minute
(In a New York, New York, New York)

French… Montana

Verse 1 – French Montana

You can get your neck broke, face cracked, laid flat
And give everything that you made back, 8 clap
Make a sunvisor out ya wavecap
Pray that New York Minute’ll bring Mase back
Shame that Remy took 8 flat, you know the game wack
And every last rapper here tryna bring the name back
It ain’t rap, niggas better stay strapped
Or you could call the stick-up boys, try to get your chain back
(In a New York minute)
They thought the game was over
When B.I.G. died, then homie Hov took it over
(In a New York minute)
They shot Pac 5 times
Years later, them boys took Shyne
(In a New York minute)
That ain’t even the least
Akon signed the hottest nigga in the streets
We gave swagger to the game
Still and all, everything can change

Verse 2 – Jadakiss

You could get your wig clapped, kidnapped, bitch-slapped
A 2 to 4 could turn into a 6 flat, if that
C-4 to your moms front door, gift-wrapped
Whole fanbase could start thinkin’ that your shit’s wack
You could be at the gas station and get ya whip jacked
Get yapped, pay a nigga bread, get ya shit back
Right back, everything could change, just like that
Get pulled over on your way bringin’ that weight back
(In a New York minute)
Rappers stopped sellin’
Kim did a year and a day for not tellin’
(In a New York minute)
Fox went deaf in one ear too, shortly after that she did a year or two
(In a New York minute)
I beat the case, not enough evidence
Get ready to see a black President
(In a New York minute)
You can download a whole album
Now you see where these niggas get their style from


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