Red Light

French Montana

Album Coke Boys 2

Hook: French Montana 2x

(Then again, than again)
Red light, green light, go
Talk about the fast life, one night show (then again)
Block hot, stash box closed
You know I got it mapped out blacked out, woah (then again)

Verse:French Montana

Stash box you could fit a grown man in a John Lennon suit
Hit your shoulders start spinning
I be thinking ’bout my dog…
While I’m starring down the bottle head
Wish I could have stopped him then
But you gotta live and learn
Sour burn
Money be the only thing
Patience is a virtue, dedication: that be everything
Black and yellow diamonds
I be shinning like a Steeler
Game is to be sold, we got it sold like a dealer
Got a couple killings on my…
Niggas hatin’ so my…
Hammer cocked
Fresh drop
Better watch your woman
Hottest out the city
Don’t be silly
Bitch I’m Cajun hot
Fuck a cheque, paper tag
Brown bag, latest drop

Verse: Chinx Drugz

Look, I’m certified, all up over that stove mixin’
Rose and patron mixin,’ 4 vixens
Nigga outta line, point the llama where your break is
Coke Boys We gets
Viscous on em’
Yellow and the white stones glisten on em’
R.Kelly days we was pissin’ on em’
But you wifed her (ew)
Red light, green light
Homie what it beez like
Take a look, this is what them G’s like (see em’)
I push up on your lady in a purple spider
Fith of lean, jolly rancher, shake the sprite up
Strictly ’bout my griz-ind
Niggas being stingy, ain’t no worries I’m gon’ get mine (ugh)
You hear me though

Verse: Cheeze

Leave that crack baby alone
Fuck with a Coke Boy
For the low boy
Under the radar, call me low boy
I never slip
Gucci red bottoms got rubber grip
Chicken and waffles down in Atlanta on my southern shit (my southern shit)
From the shottie to the drugs, know I pump shit
From the slugs to the dubs, know I dump shit
Shells got him laying in the street, on some bum shit
All over some dumb shit
Now a nigga on that run shit
Bitches on some ‘money make me cum’ shit
My boy coke touch his gums leave it numb shit
I’m on some smoke sour all day, need another lung shit
You know I smoke after I bust on some gun shit


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