French Montana

Album Coke Boys 4

Verse 1

Shinin like a star with a pass to lunar
If I catch a charge I’mma Martha Stewart
Married to the money like my momma Jewish
She was prayin to Mohammed I was buyin Louis
I should’ve been in the mausoleum
Now them niggas packin up the coliseum
And them fuck niggas I don’t wanna be em
Magnifying glass still couldn’t see em
Coke Boy BMF , 30 Meeches
Forfeiture, chop you up 30 pieces
Young fly niggas talkin 30 Visas
Your new car cost me ’bout 30 sneakers
If money talk I speak about 10 languages
I’m talkin heavy armor, heavy ammunition
I be higher than rockstar Plink Floyd haaaaaaan
Im talking Peter Frampton , Coke Boy

Verse 2

Bank account full of blood money
Hublot off of drug money
And it was all for the love of it
I stood and faced the music, I ain’t run from it
From the flow i get towed up
Might be worth it, just go up
Off purp I get soda
You can come in here, so what?
I get thrown in, we show up
I get straight to the bucket, left them hoes on the doughnut
Smoking straight to the grain, I done shake up yo frame
Pockets strong like cocaine, playin Saddam Hussein
Go ahead, go go go go ahead
Murder one, code red
They dont wanna go there, night night drop it here
From the jail straight to the money
I be bangin the hunnits, white bitch with an onion
Packed house out in London, Coke Boys, yea we run it
I done practice all winter, just a ball in the summer

Verse 3

Only real niggas here to die
They don’t want me alive
They dont want my gangsta ways, judge told me 2 to life
Niggas left me out to drive , only real niggas ride
Fake as fuck get out of here, hooked up with French took off this year
My city murder rate was zoom
Bands around me like a hoop
Bad influence growing up , told my mama I’mma shooter
Told her I refuse to lose her
That’s why I stuck to music
First hunnit k i move it
Get another hunnit k lets move it
News on, BBC
They want me too nigga
I raised my eyes still like ain’t that with no tool nigga
That’s right, they got me slow though
Can’t do no group nigga
Still till this day no one can say i turned new nigga
Okay I feel much better
I’m glad I made it
Coke Boy with my boys
We affiliate it
I used to look up to niggas and now they hate it
They waitin on my downfall, keep waitin

Tell em keep waitin
Shit real

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