French Montana

Album Coke Boys 2

Verse 1: French Montana

Walk around with the pound strapped to my waist
Just in case I gotta merk something
Ride around in the black benz with the top down,
Hold on I think I heard something
(Uptown!!) Homie the original gun clappers
Pull my chain out stop traffic, fuck plastic
Straight cash grind like a brake pad
Trying to eat like my I key when they brake fast,(Ramadan!)
Got my clip full but my mind missing
Montana scramble with the rock like rod strickland
Flag will slow you down like a referee
Coke boys city locked know we got the recipe
Gotta bring it all in then we move it
I be riding round town bumping self in the union


Uptown !
Homie the original gun clappers

Verse 2: Chinx Drugz

Never was a murderer rude bwoy wanksta
Caught one in his hat cause he thought he was a gangsta,
You rolling or you not get left from who defeat
You rocking with that coke boys nigga chinx D
Niggas want my head so I bulletproof the jeep,
Styling on your bitch 12 50 for the feature got you suicidal
Gun clap make yo back do a super spiral
Started from the block now im going viral
All white panamera in the range
Its a shame how im handling the game
Smoke em on camera
Back and forth with that work im a born scrambler
Bullets hit your chest like lung cancer
Come stuntin with that wrong grammar and get blasted

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