Wit It

French Montana

Album Coke Boys 4

Coke Boys baby

(Chorus: Detail)
You got it I’m with it
I’m with it (x6)
All day with it
I’m with it (x6)
This all came from nothing
Turn it into something
This all came from nothing
Turn it into something

(Verse 1: French Montana)
I get money all the time nigga
Where your money fuck your rhymes nigga
Rozay, Mally Mall, that’s my nigga
Watch flooded, can’t tell the time nigga
We started all from nothing
And we turning into something
Bad bitches love a nigga hustling
Pussy beat it up like I must
I made ten mil off that rack
I’ve been riding around with that nina
You don’t want that now
All my niggas gonna get it
Gonna bring that back


(Verse 2: Rick Ross)
Rich nigga baby fuck what it costs
Red phantom with the Lamborghini doors
Bought the bottles for the shooters
Bentleys for the bitches
Bought myself a pressie nigga started catching feelings
How that boy a sinner with a closet full of Christians
Red underneath and my receipt look like a scripture
All she fuck is winners
So you know she with it
Hoes want to sue you when they find out how you living
And if you with it then I’m with it
Mamma tell me go and get it
Still busting choppers while you bitches burning bridges


(Verse 3: Jazz Lazer)
I’m with ya for the hustle
With ya for the grind
With ya cause you’re fine
You could tell your friend to spend
And I pointing at the car that I got
Man, that bitch might know I got that work
If you with it put in overtime
She gonna make me cum
Swallow every crumb, and her gum
Your boyfriend a bum
Why he let you come outside with them
You deserve Chanel, YSL, Goyard
You ain’t gotta act
You can see, all my niggas real
Got that whip appeal
Where my hands, they behind her
Put you on that new drug
I know it’s (?) so


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