Worst Nightmare

French Montana

Album Coke Boys 4

Intro: Diddy & French Montana

Ayo French!
Wuddup huh?
These niggas thought I was motherfuckin dead
It’s that resurrection music
We come out the tombs
You should see the look on niggas’ faces
These niggas’ worst motherfuckin nightmare
When niggas think you dead and you show up for breakfast Eatin cornflakes on them niggas
Like motherfuckin Lazarus, who’d you scare now nigga?
With they bitch in Versace bathrobes and shit

Hook: Diddy

I’m yo worst fuckin nightmare (worst motherfuckin nightmare)
Rap’s first billionaire
I throw a million out the lear
Coke Boys, we changing weather every year
Throw yo hands in the sky niggas
Pop a pill and get high nigga
Get on this jet and let’s fly niggas
Tell the pilot to turn, we’re ready to die niggas

Verse 1: French Montana

Ready to die nigga, ski mask, you only see my eyes nigga
Hundred rounds hit your head make ya fly nigga
All black Medusa shades on my eyes nigga
We the shit and the fly nigga
Life’s good, ask Nas nigga
G5 write your names in the sky nigga
Dream Team we’ll bury you alive nigga

Verse 2: Diddy

Nigga, you know that crown ain’t yo size nigga
And that ho ain’t gon ride nigga
Ayo they buried me alive nigga
But on the 3rd day I rose to sky nigga

Verse 3: French Montana

Whip futuristic, crib ain’t listed
All my jewels on, I be lookin like a dish flip
Red bottom LV’s, limited edition
New king of the city, better ask permission
Ten bricks, face white on some Kiss shit
Rock star, great white, three stars, take flight!

Verse 4: Diddy

Now yo French tell these niggas night night
I’m getting head in the front row fine night
I’m obnoxious, we got Oscar’s
Pouring Cîroc out of helicopters
MC Hammer couldn’t touch that
The day Diddy retire, I’m bringing Puff back


(Outro French Montana & Diddy)
First rap billionaire
Ya heard
That’s my new shit
Niggas talkin to me too much in my ear
I mean aha
You ain’t really
You really talk about nothing
Unless you have a brown bag for me
Don’t even call my phone
First of all, I’m bout to get a pager
A beeper, old school joint
Ya know what I’m sayin?

Ayo French
You see these niggas fucked up?
See when you lock the door
You supposed to throw away the key
Time’s up motherfuckers
We here now
We came back right on time
You feel it?
Bad Boy, Coke Boys, MMG
Ayo grab yo bitch, nigga
And hold her real tight and tell her how much you love her
Buy a ring, buy a house
You better impregnate the bitch
Get her pregnant real, real quick
Do something nigga
Do something, man do — get a job
Motherfuckin’ write a book
Go to church
Go back to school
Get a game changer
Cause we here now and all the smoke and mirrors is gone
We exposing all motherfuckin’ lames man
Yea bitch, swag
Oh yea
Oh yea she love it
She love it
Yea, she love it
Ah man, shit if you can’t beat em join em
Yall all welcome, let’s go

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