Ya Mean

French Montana

Album Coke Boys 2

(Can we live on)
(In this perpetual XXXX day)
Shit done changed
(Evil Empire)
Shit don’t kill you dead nigga
You gon wind up being brain dead
(Can you slow into another night)
Either way we fucked up
(Oh yeah, oh yeah)

La Musica de Harry Fraud

Hook: French Montana

My G’s up (ya mean)
G’s up (ya mean)
Bent white (ya mean)
China white (ya mean)
Drink of purp (ya mean)
Smoke purp (ya mean)
Brown bag (ya mean)
Paper tag (ya mean)

Verse 1: French Montana

I got a rush like I just beat a Fed case
Shorty blushing like I just bought her ten bracelets
My youngin 19 with 12 baby mommas
Other nigga caught 12 for not paying homage
Chicks all love him, fits all colors
Seats all butters you niggas all suckers
Sneak dissin 3 kitchens got a heat wave
I’m a star 5 star fuck a cheap steak
You cheap skate may feel like you’ve won
Half my niggas locked the other half on the run
Billy Ocean on them hoes sink your jaws off
Whip clean mouth dirty knock them walls off

Verse 2: Uncle Murda

Look at the jewlery drippin, damn ill
Look at the Bently, look at the wheels
Look at the pigs hating because they can’t afford it (they can’t)
They got to work overtime just to pay their mortgage
They throwing up on they self I got em upset (they mad)
I be blowing money, they live check to check
Yeah that’s me big pimpin with a chick or two
I get the pussy, I don’t take it like Mystikal
I’m Dirk when it’s crunch time y’all can’t hold him
Oh you coming off the bench you Lamar Odom
I spaz on niggas I’m Ron Artest
They LeBron in the 4th quarter with no heart left


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