Future Speaks


Album 1000

Spoken Word

Yeah! It’s still Future Hendrix nigga!
Money in the rearview! Metro 19 & Boomin’!
Freebandz gang!
It’s that La Familia lifestyle
*This beat is so so Metro*
Fuck you mean nigga? I’m a rich gang nigga, haha!
Trailblazer, you know?
I’m just being honest
Michael Corleone
King of this, turn up!
Fuck you thought about?
The streets love me
Your bitch love me
My niggas love me
The hood love me
Ain’t no animosity
Fly shit only!
Last of a flyin’ breed, haha
Metro 19 & Boomin’, FBG La Familia
Fuck you thought?
Who you gon’ tell?
Emperor motherfuckers
I don’t need you niggas!
I just need the right niggas
Metro 19 & Boomin’!
I’m just honest

Delete this, it’s just not true

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