Go Harder


Album Pluto


I done been lied to
I been neglected
I done had all kind of people turn against
You try to bring me down ima go harder
You try to bring me down ima go harder
I done been lost
I done been crossed I done heard all kind
Of rumors that were false
You try to bring me down ima go harder
You try to bring me down ima go harder

Verse 1

You can’t break me,I’m solid
I go hard body
Can’t break me down I break laws
Don’t never abide by it
I let my hater be my motivator and keep
I make my moves when I wanna make my
Moves cuz I ain’t even tryin’ to
Listen to no nother nigga talkin bout
Wat he gon do and he lyin’
I see it if I want it ima get it straight up
Buyin’ it
I learned that free band shit cuz free band
Shit clothing line I designed it
Ain’t thinking bout the 13 years to see bout
A young nigga flying in
This G5 G6 classified I don hit the bullseye
When you spreed the rumors make sure
You tell them im a multi millionaire
Ain’t playin’ fair
Touch ya bag ion even care cuz I can
Wake up any day travel anywhere

Verse 2

They try to show and prove
You’d rather see me lose
But I refuse to lose
I run on jet fuel
I’m makin’ major moves
You tryna peep the move
I dropped 10 hits
I got em real confused
I hear they my enemy
I make them in my sleep
That’s all you want from me
I know I’m makin’ history
I know you greasy and you greedy
But im a genius and I been feenin’ to set
The streets on fire
You can catch me flyin by
Ain’t got no time to stop to kick the bobo
With ya boy
My time is very precious thats right every
Too many hard times I’m thinking bout

Verse 3

You watch me go through hell
You seen me run through them bales
You know I hit them corners everyday and
Caught them sales
You hatin muthafuckas don’t wanna see a
Kid prevail
Got hit up wit that shell now my CD on the
If I can take a bullet then I can take
The rumors
Through all the losses I never lost my sense of
I kept pushin you kept lookin
Hoping I fall even at my worst I’m at your
Laws and all through scares and all
I’m standing tall I won’t fold
I got money coming out my pores,music
And my soul
I run the globe I’m in my mode this ain’t no
Throughout the riches I know that road


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