We On Top


Album Dirty Sprite

Hook: Future

Niggas ain’t aiming at your chest, shooters aim straight for the top
I don’t even wanna fuck these hoes no more man all I want is the top
Even in the winter time we cop these drops and drops in the top
Came from the projects and got on the grind shot straight to the top
We on top, we on top, we on top
We on top, we on top
They sleepin’ on the seventh floor, thinking no no
They got 28 floors, we on the 28th floor
We on top

Verse 1: Future

Lil Mexico the army, Freeband the marine
Some million dollars in the building when I’m on the scene
Flacko what it is, you know it’s all love
Back to back Lambo, me and big cuz
Scooter got the ‘Rari making juugs and catching plays
Two cup, filled up, drankin’ on Aid
Throwin’ money off stage, standing on stage
Won’t shop at Fifth Plaza, go shop in LA
International liking all my freaks exotic
1 or 2 commas on the tags that I’m popping
Gucci, Fendi, Dolce, YSL, picka closet
You can die paid, we got one, two options

Hook: Future
Verse 2: Young Scooter

28th floor I got 28 sold
Whole thangs only, ain’t no 28th though
Brick on top of brick they go for 28 for
Bales on retail, 400 I let ’em go
All these freebands I ain’t gotta change no more
Camaro outta oldschool, I bought off selling dope
Bentley coup and


finessed out Mexico
Bitch I’m Young Scooter, do what the fuck I want
All this damn money, nigga everything for show
To count a quarter ticket, G told me it’s a go
Hustle, juug, and stack it is the only thing I know
Juug house bunkin, Black Amigo Gang, gone

Hook: Future
Verse 3: Future

My shades on
My ice glow
On VVS, drippin I got mojo
Fuck them old hoes, I got new hoes
Bitch on Insta turnt up in the presidential house
I get top, I get guap, I love to get both
Drop head, what a time, Future gotta do the most
Astronaut smash off I gotta get ghost
Thousand dollars on my feet, the only thing


President Amigo, hasta luego, send your pesos
We on the jet eatin’ breakfast
On some fly nigga feel like I got feathers

Hook: Future

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