Blood in My Eye

Ja Rule

Album Blood in My Eye

Intro Hussein Fatal

And what ever it is then that’s what is gonna be nigga
Hussein Fatal, the outlaw don, “Blood In My Eyes”
Shyea’, Triple O stand up, Got your mind’s back right
Jerse’s mobbin’ these cowards all the time
You know gunning them down, Every thing like that
Smooth stayin’ forty below on these cowards, early nigga
Outlaw status only got these niggas on freeze
Get down and lay down, Draw heat and protect your self
Rule’ holla at yo’ peoples nigga..

Verse 1 Ja Rule

For now on call me the don, and bicthes call me don da da
Where ever I go niggas soon to follow’
Like when I dropped my first joint making the world “Holla”
I kept it “Between Me And You”
Cause that what real street niggas do
“Put it on Me, cause even thugs get lonely
Sometimes “I Cry”, fo’ niggas I’m a baptized
When will they realize I “Live It Up”
Cop tha coke sell it and re’ it up
I’m “Always On Time” got bitches “Memsmerize”
From the “Thug Lovin” load the clip
Cock back the nine, open mouth shove it
Look in his eyes, and squeeze like fuck it
And just to think my niggas do this shit for nuthin’
When my wild Rule’ thuggins, lookin’ to get a come up
Come on in and catch the angel that’s all in
Call me Lord remis’ my time, and I’ll arrive with
Blood in my eyes

Hussein Fatal Talking

That’s what real niggas do u know
We hold it down for each other
We don’t waste time we get it done
Why not, Why would’nt we, you know
That what goes down you know
You draw yours, I draw mine
Who ever get the drop that what it is
We live by those laws, why wouldn’t we?
The object is to get it done, let’s go it’s nuthin’ (Yo)

Verse 2 Ja Rule

Fuck tha world and niggas that proceed to run it
Rule’ for prez cause I’m one of the best that done it
On the M-I, these niggas spittin’ semi, to get by
But never really get right, livin off of the hit I
“DMX” was my dog, but now we just dog fight
Sucking on glass dicks
Them crack pipes
And I’m hearin’ you letting yo’ health slide these days
And yo lady’s dicked up, and you contracted to aids
Who the fuck you callin’ gay nigga, must a been talk to
Em’ and “Dre”, nigga, pour out a little liqour
And rest in peace to “2Pac Shakur”, cause you let us know
That Dre was a queer before
And “Marshall” how dare you use his name in vain
Son of a panther, you’ll never understand his pain
But you do understand trailer parks and cocaine
Disrespcting your mother what fuckin part of
The game is that man , I guess this world need change
So we got it, and now I gotta put ’em in the grave
Red, dot ’em before they put us in the cage
Rule’ and Gotti america’s most wanted to many..
Come and get me!!! (Pretty soon ya gonna pay)

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