Chris Black (Skit) (Rule 3:36)

Ja Rule

Album Rule 3:36


Woman: Hello?
Operator: Hello, NCI, operator. You have a collect call from, “Yo, it’s Chris Black,


“, an inmate at New York State Correctional Facility. By accepting this call, you are responsible for all associated NCI charges, whether direct bill from NCI or as part of your local phone company bill. If you will pay, dial 3 now. Thank you for using NCI, go ahead
Chris: Hello?
Woman: Hold on
Chris: Can he listen to me now?
Woman: Uh-huh
Chris: Hello?
Ja Rule: Hello
Chris: Yo, yo, yeah. Yo, what up, nigga?
Ja Rule: What up, nigga?
Chris: Aight?
Ja Rule: What’s crackin’, nigga?
Chris: Ayy, shake kid
Ja Rule: You having your call already?
Woman: Yeah
Ja Rule: Oh, oh, shit. Aight. Damn, nigga
Chris: Ayy, shit, what’s poppin’ my nigga?
Ja Rule: Ayy, shit, aight. Nigga, you know it’s time, nigga, right?
Chris: Yeah, no question, nigga. Time, what time you talkin’? Time for what, nigga?
Ja Rule: I’m about to drop that new album on these bitch ass niggas
Chris: Oh, wassup. You know I’m here, nigga
Ja Rule: Yeah, you know it. You know, the streets is feelin’ it. The last time, niggas crazy, nigga
Chris: On that real shit?
Ja Rule: Oh, nigga, for sure
Chris: You ready to put on these niggas again?
Ja Rule: Am I? Am I?
Chris: Nigga, you, nigga, you got to raise the stakes, nigga
Ja Rule: Do I?
Chris: Cut these niggas dead. Ayo, check it, check it, dog. It’s the don, Chris Black, the murderous one. You know, that nigga that get it on just to make that dough long. Ain’t shit change, I’m still that nigga that spit flames. They’ll remember me, that air tight nigga that spit games. It’s the don, only one murderous, sit on the horn. So let it better be know, I’m on my way home and I’m still strong. I ain’t to be fucked with if it’s


dog, and I’ma rush it. And I swear to God, I’ma pop off like this ’til I touch it. So either niggas is with me or against me. But check it, dog, if they against me, then they better get busy. Yeah, fuck them niggas think ’cause I’m locked up, my banks stopped up. Oh, niggas think I’ma lock the spot up the same way I popped up. Check it, how many niggas you know behind bars spittin’ bars like this par? And how many niggas you know that get off the shit like it’s gone? This shit’s so deep, I ain’t home and already control the streets. Get niggas fucked up like how some get the blow with the ink. Not even touched down but I’m about to touch down so y’all fucked now. I told y’all niggas respect my gangstas, now you on stuck now. So what it been? 5 years long since the world heard my name? And what it been? 5 years long since I murdered the game? In like this, dog, in 90 days and shit go my way, I’ma show niggas 90 ways that a nigga gon’ play. ‘Cause I’m a hustler, slash a dough gettin’ muscler, slash the murderer full of murderous ink. You motherfuckers comin’ home, nigga
Ja Rule: Let ’em know, nigga
ChrisL Yo, nigga
Ja Rule: Crazy, nigga, fuck these niggas. Murder NIC, nigga

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