Chris Black (Skit) (Venni Vetti Vecci)

Ja Rule

Album Venni Vetti Vecci


Woman: Who’s this call for?
Chris: Hello, Becky, Ja 30D
Woman: To who?
Chris: Ja Rule, in studio 30D
Woman: Who’s calling?
Chris: Chris Black
Woman: One moment
Chris: Hello?
Man: Hello?
Chris: Hello, Ja? Wassup you African
Man: Sup black nigga
Chris: Sup African
Man: What’s poppin’


Man: What’s that you big, black motherfucker?
Chris: What’s up, my nigga?
Man: Ayy, shit, what’s poppin’
Chris: Ayy, you got a slot time at night, man, you bein’ like that?
Man: C’mon, kid
Chris: You love it, kid, you love it, kid
Man: Tryna get where you at. What’s poppin’?
Chris: Ayy man, what’s up, B?
Man: Ayy, where that nigga Ja?
Chris: Where Ja go?
Man: Ja’s not in the studio with you, right?
Chris: He in studio D
Man: I know we in studio D but he got up and walked somewhere, I don’t know where he went. I’m in the lounge right now, he’s not in the studio. He might went across to


. Hold on, I’m gon’ find him
Ja Rule: Yo, na’mean?
Chris: Yeah
Ja Rule: Nigga got me out here makin’ tracks, kid, makin’ tracks, na’mean. So many, I make beats
Chris: Who was you in there with?
Ja Rule: Huh
Chris: Who was you in there with?
Ja Rule: Rob, yeah
Chris: Who them niggas blinkin’ up here too?
Ja Rule: They blinkin’, blinkin’, blinkin’ the other um, the other fuckin’ uh,


. He got such a


too, we in C
Chris: Oh, you workin’ on this album?
Ja Rule: Yeah, he doin’ somethin’ for it
Chris: So what’s up though, nigga?
Ja Rule: Ain’t shit, nigga, man. You see it’s all, it’s all the same thing goin’ on, nigga. Lookin’ and wylin’, na’mean?
Chris: Yeah, yeah
Ja Rule: Nigga be over in a minute, no doubt, nigga

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