Enemy of the State

Ja Rule

Album The Mirror

Verse 1

About an year, niggas try cage me in because
And they claim, They Cock me and he gekkep it “in da club”
And a nigga use his own wife to do a lot of drugs
And december these niggas try to 4 5 to gettin blocks 2 – 9 because these niggas know I’m leaving any witness
And it’s something, because these niggas want me get out of this business
Gotti have a plan to put a dick in this niggas who try fuck wit us
They try kill one each other who have an point wit us
These niggas got informants thes niggas wanna trust
This shit is bad enough
This shit is crack enough
Hop one of this nigagz he gotta to pay one
Get your pay phone this is real talk

(verse 2)
This niggas is try to set us up

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