Intro (Fuck Fame)

Ja Rule

Album Pain Is Love 2

Intro: Narrator, Ja Rule

Previously on Pain is love…

Here we go again baby. Erase the pain
Got to break free from all this mother fucking anxiety, strains on my life
Open my eyes and see it’s a big world out there
If god could only
Shine his light on me
I’m crying everyone’s tears. My pain is my love
I’m crying everyone’s tears

And now, PIL 2…

Hook: Leah Siegal

And the world was so cold, I couldn’t recognize myself
And the world was so cold, I couldn’t recognize myself
So I took a little pill, and it changed my whole world
It changed my point of view, so I had to take two

Verse 1: Ja Rule

Fuck fame…
Picasso, Rembrandt, Basquiat
Warhol couldn’t paint a better work of art
And I’m like a child in art class
Cause I’m trying to brainwash every canvas
You all kiss my ass, the elephant’s in the room painted retro
Here’s to Van Gogh, but yall don’t hear me though
I’m what you never saw, something you never seen
You mother fuckers can’t see me; Banksy

Ja Rule:

Fuck fame…

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