Ja Rule

Album R.U.L.E.


Yeah (yeah)…Yeah (yeah)..
You Know (you know)…Lets (lets)…Go (go)…(laughter)
Yeah (yeah)…Yeah…WHUTS MY NAME?!


They cool but they ain’t R.U.L.E
They do, but dont do it like me
Nobody, nobody, Does it Like R.U.L.E
They do but dont do it like me
Nobody, nobody, Does it Like R.U.L.E

Verse 1

Nobodys livin life the way that I live it
Nobodys spittin and doin it, I spit it
But who fuckin admitted
I’m one of the bigger biggest of niggas that done did it
Been hated and delt wit it, when agents tap in my lyrics
So by the time that they hear it, the crime’s already committed
Natural Born Killa, but that I’m already and then
Murdah was the case, but I-N-C’s been aquitted
The Agency’s gettin livid, They wanted us to be finished
But we got unfinished business, Sned God as my witness
This is another testimony to my life and my story
Askin you hoes, Why should I talk when I got guns to speak for me
Dont come at me homie, Especially tryin to act like you know me
Only if you can control me, Know where you been choosen befor me
To sit in ya grave, homie dig it, I’m hearin its lonely, But see
Nobody…Does it…Like Me! And they know it they can’t spit it the same
But still they try, cuz thats part of the game, WHUTS MY NAME?!

Verse 2

These niggas incredible, throughout the ghettos of America
People, see these window I see through
Off they mirror they evil, jealous bullshit that men do
Had I known it was you, there’d be no clue on who done killed you
Like when Kane murdahd Able, Niggas must have been able
To put caine through they nasals, They so high they see angels
I see life from all angels, tangled, webs and weaves
Now niggas is able to kill like Kane all over the streets
100 degrees Ferenheite, hot as the hottest summer night
Heatin up desperatly in the need of some ice, I’m nice
Nobodys quite like, flow like rare blood types
I be wrong if I’m right, right if I’m wrong, I was the RULE born
When my legacy is left through my boys maiden name live on RULE
Niggas is foolish tryin to do whut I do, Cuz see
Nobody…Does it…Like me! And they know it they can’t do it the same
But still they try, cuz thats part of the game WHUT MY NAME?!


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