Sing a Prayer 4 Me

Ja Rule

Album The Mirror


Yea nigga, I’ma heal sumbody soul with this shyt, ya noe
It won’t be the last time


So I pray, for the strength of me to go on
Everyday, knowing im not promised tomorrow
If I may, ask the lord can I come home
Its easier said than done, that’s why we pray

Verse 1

Everyday 4 da sake of mankind please
Look in my eyes, tell me im lying
Only I cud package and sell the lords gift
Call them records and distribute the sounds of music
Dare to dream, but the sound I hear is acoustic
And my dad is abusive and my momma is losin it
I need base, the type u put in the pot and cook it
Un til it gets hard, hit the block and start movin it
Just had a baby and my baby’s momma movin in
With me and momma and there ain’t no room 4 all of em
What I would call survival most of em would call quits
But this is how we make our livin, shit


Verse 2

Fuck the world, is what my little young’ns is yellin
It feels so good to be young, black, and rebellious (right)
Say what I want (like)
Fuck imus, fuck George bush, them niggas ain’t important in my life
But what is, is the next war that we fightin for whats right
Its for whats left and marriages of the same sex
A child’s murdered, the media wants to blame rap
Cuz at the time he was listening to some 2-pac
There goes to show that they really don’t even care that
He still a child and he never gon get his youth back
Especially when ur charged for being black, young, and dumb
The ones that they get their ideas from


Verse 3

Lord hear my call, and curse them all, that pray and pray 4 my downfall
Gotta crawl be4 u walk, walk be4 u run
DMC nd with the world in agreeance
That nobody could quite do it like R U L E and the more I started to read it
The more I started believing it
Invincibility will get u higher than any amphetamine
Dope, coke, pills, lean, or weed
And my star is so bright, man how can it dim
I got 3 kids and I live thru all of them
Its like watchin myself grow all over again
Except this time it looks a little better from here


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