To The Top

Ja Rule

Album Pain Is Love 2

Verse 1: Ja Rule

If I die before I wake, they can say I never did it
A lot of these niggas ain’t gon’ never say they did it
Like abbreviated words it just feels like something’s missing
I can dig it, I concur, you might get me if you listen
Prefer to be different, so gifted, I’m cursed
No mystery, I’m first
Fuck what he said, image rather exquisite
Nigga never seen that before John Cooper
The glass roof in that look like ?
It’s publicity, statue wish you rather rapping
Windows tinted, he must be an athlete
Nah, nigga, it’s just little ol’ me
Ah you and me old beef is gon’ be
My life is Kobain, meaning I O.D
And speak my mind like, “Fuck the Police”
They should free Wayne, let Rule be
Let’s start shooting straight to the tippy
Heading to the top

Hook: Kalenna Harper

Keep them rocking ’til the sun gon’ drop
Keep spending money cause I got it so much
Club banger make them all show up
It ain’t a sign of slowing down cause we’re going straight to the top
Chain swinging, hanging low to the top
Keep sipping if you’re going to the top
Can’t stop, going straight to the top
Meet me at the tippy, we’re going to the top

Verse 2: Ja Rule

If I never catch a break, it’s because I can’t be broken
Never give up hope, if I did I would be hopeless
Never wanna loose focus, I’m a visionary, I see far
I can see if its a false and expose it
? on me, save a secondary
Commentary when it’s gossip, you overhear it
Damn them canaries, you can hear them singing
Rock tunes like the stones that makes your spirits
This ain’t just ?, this is real shit
In my presence to walk you should feel privileged
So arrogant, yeah, I’m so confident
I’ve been both so long, I can’t tell the difference
Mwah, kiss myself, Gene Simmons
Sometimes I get high, my sky has no limits
And why should it, when men have walked on the moon
Just to be among stars
Baby meet me at the top

Bridge: Kalenna Harper

Kalenna and Ja Rule cruising down town
And it’s eight till night the Eiffel Tower we ain’t drunk yet
Shout it to my niggas from F to E
Bring it back to the east coast and party like we been here
We throwing hundreds, we throwing twenty’s
We got the whole motherfucking club jumping
We ain’t running, we see ‘em coming
We at the top so we don’t give a fuck


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