Weed (Skit)

Ja Rule

Album R.U.L.E.

No, no, you fucker
You fucking smokin’ that trash
Save that bullshit for the bitches
Look, lemme, I’ma… give me a sec, fucker, I’ma make a phone call real quick

Hey, hey ???, what the fuck is the deal with you, fucker?

Hey, Remo, my friend ??? from uptown, ??? que pasa

Ain’t nothing, fucker, I’m just tryin’ to show this young fucker how to get right
I need a pound of your sweetest cheeba

Hey papa, I’m just a little tied up rigth now, ritht?
But check this out, man
My cousin is fresh off the boat
I’m gonna send him uptown
He got you pa, no problems

Haha, aiight, motherfucker
Tell that fucker to watch out for INS
Or he’ll back on that boat
Hurry up though, money long, nigga
Big money, nigga, big money, you know how I do it

??? take it easy, Remo is coming

Aiight, nigga, cut that ??? shit out too

??? says he’s some big time producer

This fuckin’ guy supposed to be some big time drug dealer
Who the hell he think he is?

He said he worked with Irv Gotti, Ashanti, Ja Rule…

John Gotti, Tony Soprano… oh, you must be Nino Brown

You ask me, he’s a real fuckin’ ???

This motherfucker ain’t nothing
He ain’t nothing

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