Find You Somewhere


Album The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1

{Intro Talking}
So like
Like you just sent me a text like
Tryna be like cool
Like we’re dope now
Like we’re dope
Like we’re just gonna be friends
That’s the text you just sent me
Just now

{Verse 1 – Jaden}
I’m kind of lost now
Been intervening, no meaning
I have no cause now
My heart is bleeding
A tiny bit, I need gauze now
Im only pleading that you and me can be awesome
But that’s unrealistic
Pain that you inflicted
It’s so wicked
Im addicted
Girl the plates have shifted
I ain’t tryna get physical
I just, wanna know do you still wear lipstick
Your so encrypted
Your loves my drug, and you got me lifted
Just one night come chill with the MSFTS
Ah, we can just be friends
And we’ll hold hands
And dance until the night ends
And I’ll run the engine
Don’t worry bout vengeance
I’ll let you finish all of my sentence-s
You right here, right now
Girl that’s a blessing
Just one night we should learn some lessons
Looking so fly, love the that way you dressing
Uh, like this we can get some mo’
Get it poppin like a festival
But the rest should go
I’ll spit it you just give me the pace
Can’t breathe like I’m living in space
Imma kick it with AcE
Sorry ma, I ain’t been in the states
Cause my life is a chase
And I’m winning the race
See that you wanted a taste
Starts here with my hand on your waist
I don’t care what they say
I wasn’t even looking at you
But they said you here with that dude
Is that true?
Hop up in the cab too
We be running till I catch you
Don’t doubt that
Wanna raid, we can scout that
MSFTS we about that
That’s the clique right there
Lil homie you should shout that
Going down, reroute that
We going up right now

{Chorus – Willow}
I, think I, can find you somewhere

{Beat Drops}

{Verse 2 – Jaden}
Uh, Loo-Loo-Lookin for somethin’ precious
All Im seein is toothpicks in dresses
Well I guess it’s
Time to leave
Until I get so intrigued
With somethin I can believe
It’s like, Jesus
Walked through and putted you in pieces
What I means is
It’s time to go get us some beezus
Cause we gon’ go to Ibiza and Indonesia
Wherever I can please ya’
Girl Im not gonna tease ya’
We can go up in the trees
Or the palace like Caesar
Just tell me where the keys are
Say cheese
Ah, I hate takin’ pictures
Im not broke, so you can’t fix us
Im the vicious
Yes, you’ll miss us
Girls that kiss us
Rep the Sixers
Uh, MSFTS we soarin
Here in 4 in the morning
Spilt Orange Juice on Ralph Lauren
All them parties are boring
Orange Juice is still pouring
We be wild when we touring
We careless about insurance
And what you did isn’t important
We missin up your decor and
We’ll end up right on the floor and
We’re coolin out with guitarin
We messin up all you chores
Fix it all in the morning
MSFTS is in this roaring
And Willow’s kickin the door in
And AcE is killin them chords

{Chorus – Willow}
I, think I, can find you somewhere
Dance! (Echos)

{Beat Drops}

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