Jus’ Not Ready


Album The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1

Verse 1

You remember last November
Or was it October, You was over
Oh this getting colder
It’s the middle of December, embers burning, wheels were turning
And I was yearning for you
Girl, I’m usually a player but tonight I’m turning for you
Girl I couldn’t even speak that night
You remember I had to beach that night
There was no one on the street that night
Rolled up, I was looking like a creep that night
Then you came inside my tent, to come and get me
And you whispered in you asked if I was ready
And I wasn’t, but girl


All I wanna do, is take my time with you
So if this love is true
Then you wait for the two of us
All I wanna do is take my time with you
So can we keep it cool?
Cause baby this is new


Wanna be my girlfriend, and my lover but I’m just not ready
Wanna be my girlfriend, and my lover but I’m just not ready
Wanna be my girlfriend, and my lover but I’m just not ready
Oh no I’m just not ready, oh no I’m just not ready

Verse 2

Girl you ’bout to get me in some drama
Feeling like a storm coming
And I know you’re dealing with these problems
And I know there’s more coming
And you doing how you can
Hope you know I really understand
I just gotta be the realest while I can
Cause it’s a little joke as chance
Things spread like cancer
On the canvas, Baby girl let’s ride
Take her to the spot on the top and we never gonna stop
Show me what you got, never gonna dry
No, girl we never gonna’ stop
Cause I want to make it lastlast
Don’t worry bout them jokers in the class
Cause he’s always talking trash
I’mma put him in the past
I’m in the Beamer and I kinda got it going really fast

Verse 3

I’m cool as the wind blows
Please open up a window
Cause it’s hot in here
And it’s cold when you’re not in here
Your body rocking, got a headache
I’ma lay you down cuz my body getting heavy
Girl you should drop it like it’s hot cause I’m ready
And I’mma lean it, but only if you let me
Come into my villa like get it
You can be my cougar like Freddy
Krugger, you ready?
Something you can show me
You can be my friend
You can be my homie
You can come and hold me, cause I’m really lonely
And we could do it fast or we could do it slowly (Holy crap)
You don’t even know me, on Twitter call me a phony
When it’s time you gone faster than ?


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