MSFTS Anthem


Album The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1


They take us to London
They take us to France
They take us to Rio
They take us to France
They take us to Sweden
Then we back to France
But that be where we go, they know exactly who I am
Baby girl, cause we the MSFTS! MSFTS! MSFTS!
Come kick it with the MSFTS! MSFTS! MSFTS!
Yeah homie, we the MSFTS! MSFTS! MSFTS!
You rockin’ with the MSFTS! MSFTS! MSFTS!
Give it to ’em

Verse 1

Old people say that we’re dumb
Young people say that we’re fun
Um, hun
You should probably bite on your tongue
Say that we lost but we won
Um, hun
Chewin’ jokers up like gum, yum
Put it in my tum, done
And headphones beating like a drum
Throwin paper up, I don’t care about the sum
I mean I don’t really care about the money
MSFTS dark when it’s sunny, funny
I’m so fly cause you’re looking like a dummy
I’m so cool that your nose stay running
That’s funny
We young and reckless
MSFTS live life on the edges
Crazy, nobody can catch us
My sub drops and we on the set list
Amazing, reckless and love it
We got cool that you never been up with
We’re MSFTS, this is our republic
And I act wild even when I’m in public

Verse 2

I’m not no poser
But a joker do like the pose
MSFTS in this with some new clothes
And I just left state to do some more shows
I’m the coolest, that case is closed
Got a new girl, we’ll see how it goes
Dressed all black from our head to toe
When you see my clique we lookin like crows
Cuz we young and stupid
Yeah, we dumb and ruthless
Man you know who the crew is
Lose so much of the jokers abusing the losin’
Man I’mma be cruising
My girl, she snoozing
I really don’t care whose in the house
As long as they bumpin the music
‘Bout to walk in with the clique, what’s up
Look so fly cause we all dressed up
And they moshin’ to the music
Cause the MSFTS know what’s up

Verse 3

If you reckless, then you a MSFT
If you rejected, then you a MSFT
If you not nothing to mess with, then you a MSFT
If you get this, then trust me, you a MSFT
If you breaking all the rules, then you a MSFT
If people think you ain’t cool, then trust me, you a MSFT
If you wanna be rebellious, homie come and follow me
And I’m lookin at my haters, we say RIP
Little homie, we the MSFTS

A MSFT is someone who creates, inspires and disrupts
Cuz when you stop believing, your parents will start deceiving
You and all your friends tell you stop leaving
When you should get the decks and go skate the streets this evening
Words hurt, like a bee sting
It’s kinda like a disease but to them it’s pleasing
Instead of doing all the pleasing
You should get the keys and be gone like the wind in the trees
A MSFT is a rebel, we standing out
Like we rocks in the middle of some pbbles
You jokers corny, let me put you in a kettle
You poppin for like a minute, let me wait for you to settle
Hello! Get up on my level
Who thought the littlest fellow would nominee for these medals?
You look good in those stilettos
Sing a lullaby to you like Bella’s
And all these ladies is jealous
Oh I’mma get my fellows in
Settle down and say something intelligent
Hello kids, I’m not saying don’t get your college degrees
I’m not saying to go and skate and break your knees
I’m not saying to go up in your house and get the keys and
Run away without telling your parents that you gon leave
I’m not teling you to be me
I’m just telling you you could be free (jeez)

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