Pleiadian Medicine


Album Prakruti

Verse 1

Why’s a boy going through a man experience?
I know I hear them voices but all them voices hearing this
People label me delirious
Thoth said he built the pyramids
So imma aim high to the moon to be exact
Imma just go and cry up in my room to be exact
And the pyramids were made
They’re not a tomb to be exact
And more of a frequency like a flute
Or a saxophone
I grabs my phone and call my father
He was up in Dubai then drove to Sharjah
And grabbed a car charger
And let’s get rolling
As he whippin the Tahoe like it’s stolen
Golden spiral, let’s get viral, hieroglyph
The high road is, the life I live, the life I’ll give
To my MSFTS if they were ever questioned
Stand back and watch the re-election
Little joker


Uh, me and Teo are still tweakin the hook a little bit
So here’s the second verse

Verse 2

What is this?
Watching pigeons fly
Wearing some vintage clothes they got from the dentist
Don’t ask me, I’m just a witness
Watching 24 fitness close
Put on some clothes before I can say a sentence
My dad complain about my wind-tints
Say that they gon pull me over on the verge in this
Man, you talking about the equinox
Well yeah we turnin this
Money, yeah we’re earnin this
Oil, yeah we’re burnin this
Kylie lookin’ at me saying “Jaden, why you learning this?”
Hotter than some furnaces
Man, I’ll never learn to fit
Man, they sayin’ Jaden’s tripping
Man, I’ll never learn to sit
Man, I’ll never learn to quit


Young and the reckless

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