Album Prakruti

Verse 1: Jaden Smith

Coming in like a violin
Usually not one to go and get violent
You friends say he’s on top of the world
So I had them knock him down so them jokers wouldn’t try again
Tell the pants I never lie again
Paparazzi they always spying in
Biggest question do he have a girlfriend?
Well I don’t know
All I know is my clothes are fresher than trident
And my flows are flyer than what I’m flying in
Hold on give me a second cause I’m flying in
So corrupted and all you jokers denying it
Why is it when I do it than all of you is just trying it
Cause I’m as flawless as a diamond
All day shining while you catching my timing
This Cartier you eyein’ it
Your friends and family done lied to you
I’m successfully doing what you’ve been trying to do
It’s what it is when rhythm kicks it inside of you
Sorry little homie I got to do what I got to do
I’m looking down at the ground shake
You saying it’s heavy it’s like a pound cake
I’m a king I swear homie my crowns late
Not only you look like a poser but bro you sound fake

Verse 2: Jaden Smith

You ain’t ready for the release
Run the city, I did it all with my cleats
Want to know about my life well than go and listen to streets
And give me some space while a little joker killing beats
And filling these seats
Yeah, little Jaden, he reeks
Cause every rapper he meets he beats now they deceased
Don’t believe the conspiracies look up and you can see
There’s streaks all in the sky, been studying up for weeks
Jeez, got fluoride all in my fleece
So many white lines like Hollywood in its peak
Please, I dare you to even speak
Being me’s probably the highest goal I could reach
I don’t really care how my tires flow when they screech
People say “Jaden, you’re going to die alone,” but I preach
But my soul will never deplete
So when you arrange my funeral please just save me a seat
For real
I kill jokers running on my heels
I peel away from Interscope I running from a deal
I kneel to the world they won’t put me on sale
I bail from the prison now my mind is like a jail
I swear
Living life without care
Orgone energy in the air
Like a flare, I’m on fire
MSFTS attire
Name’s Christopher Syre
And a joker take you higher
And I’m out


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