One Step At a Time

Jennifer Lopez


Verse 1

You must be thinking how did I get here
And I wonder if you’ve been here before
So many things I want to ask you, and know about you
You seem like you are ready to run
Stand right up and walk out that door
Oh yes you’ve been here before
But for this moment you’re all mine
So let’s just take it one step at a time


One step at a time
No need to rush
Let’s keep this time for us
And make it lasts as long as we can
It’s already going too fast

Verse 2

I would spend my lifetime wondering why
He chose me for you and you for I
You have things to teach me
I have a feeling inside
I have this vision of three of us
Holding hands
Through a valley and jumping towards the sky


How can three become one
You’re the greatest thing that I’ve ever done
I want to create a world
You will always want comeback to
And here’s my wish for both of you

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