Empty Bottles

Joyner Lucas

Album Listen To Me

I pray for the day I get straight
No cash still niggas trynna eat off my plate
Lord, so sorry for the things that I say, didn’t know things ‘d turn out this way
All alone in this world so I made mistakes. Fuck, I messed up, I tried my best
I admire my best cause they say the best things come straight from the chest
Almost caught a bullet went straight through my chest
So thankful vest and thank to the chick who played me and made me realize I ain’t shit
Just a nigga trynna make it and if I ain’t got it, imma take it, if you got it imma chase it
Imma robber in the making, but my head keep ringin’. Heh
Somebody talkin’ about me again probably just another nigga trynna out me again
Probably just a hater that just won’t allow me to win
Got me sippin’ on this bottle of gin, thinkin’ bout my role model again
But what would my nana think if I was following him?
Staring at these twin hollows again damn
What a nigga gotta do to make life worth livin’?
Is worth life livin’, I ain’t like most niggas Iont think that
Me and you cool, I mean we used to back when you was you and I’m still the same

A lot of people change, with a whole lot to lose and a whole lot to gain that’s just game, that’s just the game
We all gonna break, I stay rollin’ up, I hate growin’ up
But wait hold it up, damn look at yo smile, I love it when you smile
Yeah, I love it when you smile, it reminds me of a child
It remind me of a child, it remind of the belt and I probably like you cause you remind me of myself
I’m all grown up, you all grown up
Don’t cry though we been through a lot, so what?
We can make it through whatever, that’s what I used to tell you, whenever you was down
But now it’s whatever and everytime I talk to you, shit, it’s whatever, whatever
But I can’t say I wish I never met you, but I wish I never wish I let you get the best of me ever
Whatever, might as well say goodbye to yourself cause in the end
All a nigga really got is himself, true, I used to be down with O.P.P
Until other people’s personalities told me some otherwise but otherwise don’t quote me
Show me, I never let a nigga control me, that’s O.D. what
And Imma tell you like, Barack told me
Heh heh listen check, I gotta call em’ like I see em
Lil cousins only two swearin’ next time imma teach him
Kids only three cursin’ that’s what y’all teach em
Turn around and beat him kinda hard to believe it
Cut friends off cause Ion’t really need em plus Iont really seem em
And iont wanna be em
I want a relationship, but I don’t really need it now
Cause I got two reasons, Iont trust nobody and you ont trust me either and I don’t blame you
Cause I don’t trust me neither, anything you could do, I could do sweeter
And revenge is sweet, sweet like sugar, Ice tea can’t (unavailable)
I don’t want to hear all of that shit, word

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