Listen To Me (Intro)

Joyner Lucas

Album Listen To Me


This is a WJZ13 Eye Witness News Special Report
Good afternoon everybody, I’m Mary Buballa, we will join Dr. Phil in just a moment but first, breaking news out of Silverspring, Maryland
A gunman has entered the Discovery Channel building on Georgia Avenue in Silverspring, and taken at least one hostage. We’re gonna look at some video of the building
The man entered it around 1 this afternoon. It is not known if the man works there now or has worked there in the past
Police are not saying that anybody have been hurt at this point. Police are saying that the suspect does have concerns about the Discovery Channel-
He’s making some demands I’m not getting into. We are-
The man needs to be listened to. Somebody needs to listen to this guy. I mean…
We just received word the suspect is 23 year old black male. We have a name. Future. Future Joyner. He’s not backing down, he’s determined-
He’s apparently some sort of rapper
Somebody needs to listen to this kid
Somebody really needs to listen to this guy before he kills people-


Uh, you muhfuckas better listen to me
You got no muhfuckin’ choice, so what’s the
Chance of the world hearin’ my muhfuckin’ voice?
Embrace it (Ahh), I kill a hostage
Spit the conscious of a prick that’s violent (Yeah)
I’m twisted minded, bitch I grew up in the Worcester projects (Yeah)
You might as well try to kill me ‘fore I blew up (Uh)
So fuck everybody when I grew up, henny when I threw up
Corona and Tequila in my cooler, black smoke seepin’ from the Cuba
Attract mode, scratch from the cougar (Ah)
Plottin’ on them diamonds from the jeweler (Yeah)
Reach from the tool to fill the rugger
That the mouya from Bermuda, to Aruba, we maneuverin’
The movin’ in the blue Corolla, Suburu, the new one (Ah)
I spend like a champ, tell me, who won? (Won)
Fuck around, get your whole fuckin’ crown blew up (Bang)
My nigga Aziz told me how to get this moola (Yeah)
Nigga Trubs took me down to Ayab (Uh), where niggas get sprayed at (Brrap)
And bitches get laid at (Yeah), and niggas just hate that (Why?)
‘Cause actual niggas ain’t them niggas you could pay back (Yeah)
You fuck what you heard, I be way back
‘Cause I ain’t goin’ nowhere (Nah), so homie, don’t go there
I swear y’all forgot about Joyner, I been lingin’ in the cut
Mr. Alcohol Peroxide lingin’ in ya cuts (Ahh)




crack, what you bangin’ in ya trunk?
Niggas think they off the chain, but I been chainin’ niggas up (Yeah)
Joyner off the meat rack, hangin’ niggas up
I’m with the Satan for the flames and I been blazin’ niggas up (Ooh)
Y’all been eatin’ long enough now, stop bein’ greedy
Snatch the food up out ya plate, better move out the way
‘Fore I shoot out the place (Bang), what you fools gotta say?
Niggas ain’t sayin’ nothin’, gotta do


I know some bad hoes that suck the poo out a lake
And I don’t do a lotta drinkin’, I just cool out and wait
Funny thing is, they think they sicker than me
I shot these industry niggas up, now listen to me

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