Long Way

Joyner Lucas

Album Along Came Joyner


Aw yea, ask em what they call me
I’m the one that paid it for ya hoes ain’t get shit all day
Fuck wit me the long way, fuck wit me the long way
And this a one way street bitch you going down the wrong way
Hold up hold up hold up damn, fuck wit me the long way
Ain’t nobody wanna get robbed today betta get me a goddam job today
I need food, bread, bitches, head, watch, rent, cars today
I need bullets, clips, guns, shit somebody gon’ meet god today

Verse 1

Cause I never had money
Aw yea
Can’t take nothin from me
Aw yea
People take me to jail I do time, she said choose ya man with two sides
Fuck yo coup de ville, I want a drop top, they wanna shoot to kill with two 9’s
Niggas wanna fold me up like futons, tryna make a bed to sleep, I’m too kind
Ain’t no wanna Pistol Pete, I beat pistols pieces,paint pictures piece two times
Fucked up and missed the beat she like hold up
Niggas betta bow down
Plenty bitches and I never get tied down
Either fuck wit me either long or ya die now
Man this is for all my niggas locked down
On that young shit but don’t trip
I swear to god I never forget, how much colder is it gon get?
Fuck my nose is bloody, aw yea
Can’t take nothing from me, aw yea

Verse 2

I’m so paranoid, I don’t even go out no mo
Tried so hard to enjoy myself, you don’t put in work I do it myself
I proved to myself, so crazy I be annoying myself, true to myself
Feeling so goddamn sick I should sample my own shit and then sue myself
Cause I never had money
So maybe I should rob a couple bank sell a fuckin cigarette break into yo mother place and take like fucking everything and leave you there to suffer man
I swear these niggas done made me mad, all this talking shit oughta made me laugh
Ain’t got a work betta pay me back, aw yea

Hook x2

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