Wwjd (Skit)

Joyner Lucas

Album Along Came Joyner

Skit: Joyner Lucas & Homie X

Man, what the fuck
*door closes*
Shi- bullshit
Fucking walking again in this shit
Da, da da di-da-da-da, da da da di
Would you shut your ass up and stop singing that bullshit?
Ugh relax, bro
Don’t tell me to relax man
Calm down man, all this complaining you doin’ not gon’ change nothin’
Shut up nigga you know where we at right now?
You know where the fuck we at?
I don’t know, I don’t know where we at
You think I know where we at?
My point exactly
Fuck in the middle of nowhere and shit
Fuck man my feet hurtin’ nigga
Your feet hurt?
Yeah nigga
Nigga you got three feet for a reason you don’t use your shit!
It’s dark out here ain’t nobody gonna see us!
Shut up
Tryna be a fucking human man
We be out here walking in the middle of nowhere
I swear to God if I see somebody I’m gonna rob somebody man
Rob somebody?
Yeah nigga
With what nigga?
I told you let’s bring the guns, you said leave the shits at home
Now you wanna rob somebody, with what?
I don’t give a fuck!
I don’t give a sh-
I swear to god if I see a nigga I’ma pull his fucking brains out! We just got robbed!
We just got robbed!
We just got fu-fuckin’ robbed!
Calm down
Calm down little man, calm down
Shut up
Listen man, listen, when all things go bad just think to yourself
What would Jesus do?
I’m calm…
I’m calm…
Nigga what the fuck you mean what would Jesus do!?

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