Juice WRLD



Lost in a dark place
Lost in a dark place
Lost in a dark place

Verse 1

Lost in a dark place
Trapped in the crawl space
In my mind I get lost in
I wake up in a coffin
They tell me they care
They’re just in love with the music
So they’ll never know
About the pain I go through
It’s like a chain of reactions
All these demon attacks
From all the drugs that I’m taking
To the women distracting me
From being myself
It’s like I’m losing my traction
Kiss death on the lips
I have a fatal attraction

Verse 2

This is my heart
Watch as my problems inspire me
Tear me apart
Won’t let the demons take over me
They took it too far
Now I need some surgery
I’m falling apart

Verse 3

It’s like I’m lost in the motions
Use this song as a rope
To wrap around the commotion
Tie the knot at my throat
I look at death as a notion
I don’t want it no more
But it’s too late to reverse it
As I fall on the floor


Lost in a dark place
Lost in a dark place
Demons inspire me

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