4 Legs and a Biscuit

Kevin Gates

Album Stranger Than Fiction

Verse 1: Kevin Gates

Forensic weapon in court, still considered a sport
On the phone with Bald Head, while watching King of New York
Tedrick Shaemus’ case one of the greatest I ever saw
Whole team turn sour when niggas trying to get off
Caught slipping, blicked the biscuit administered in the car
I’m a dog, worst place to get hit is while in the car
Bullet hole in my lip as I’m inching back to the car
Bitch I’m with pitching a fit, yelling: “Kevin, back in the car!”
No hospital visits, I’m on the run trying to get it, having
Baby momma problems, every night tryin’ to fix it
Flashing out, flipping tables, broke every dish in the kitchen
The devil living in me, I’m contemplating to end this
Sprite facing 20 years, well, that’s what they try to give him
D. Ozi out on bail, for a charge he caught with that dealing
Back when we was little, want us a Pickle Dilly
Innocent making faces in the window while having dinner
Who’d ever think that we’d grow up and turn out to be killers
Barrel extensions, tool is narrow and slender
Compact in my jacket, even flinch I might hit ya
Shot too hard in the heart, my emotions are ruined
Too hard to trust, don’t give a fuck, won’t open up to no woman
Take my lick and keep pushing, don’t try playing me, pussy
AR-15 with the i/r-beam, laying down in the bushes
Won’t say no name but so and so lent me a pound of them cookies
TTGTHUG, L.I.F.E, I’m with it
If shawty bust her pussy open, no commitment, I sinned it
Lord forgive me I’m sinnin’, I come to you as a sinner
Take all my scars, take my heart, turn me into a Christian
Bright nigga in the paint as if my last name was Griffin
Popeye’s chicken, I just want 4 Legs And A Biscuit
I always shout to chi-towns, all my niggas in Folsom
Stuck to the code, even when the pressure on, we ain’t folding
Let’s get it on

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