Great Man

Kevin Gates

Album Luca Brasi 3


Dealin’ with heartbreak, heartbreak
I’ve been dealin’ with heartbreak
Nigga, my heartache
(Know I’m sayin’?)
Swear to God
(You know)

Verse 1

Look in the mirror, what do you see?
I see someone dealin’ with heartbreak
When I love a nigga, my heartache
I know how a Cuban cigar taste
But that do not help with the heart pain
My lil’ brother died in a car chase
And spent on my older brother from beside the whip
He got the car sprayed
Guess he got through on the crossway
Thankful that we ever crossed ways (Allahu Akbar)
Wonder do heaven got hallways? (Allahu Akbar)
Prayin’ how much I say always
Salute OG Boobie, that’s all day
Bringin’ it back from the causeway
Ain’t fuckin’ with niggas, they all fake
Was up on my end and they all hate
You can’t get mad at a nigga who’s gettin’ it
If he not carryin’ y’all weight
I had to make a decision
Bread Winner mission to get it while y’all wait
I get that coffee delivered
Metric ton off the boat in a tall crate
Maybe I’m havin’ an off day
Maybe I had a heart and my heart changed


Look in the mirror, I see a great man
Look in the mirror, I see a great man
Just look in the mirror, I see a great man
I see a great man, I see a great man

Verse 2

I used to look like a caveman, stressin’ ’til I done got grey hairs
Me and Odell Beckham havin’ conversations
Relatin’ to life well
I told him I used to have nightmares
Of somebody killin’ me, tryna get rid of me
Bitch, I’m really retarded
You gotta finish me right there
Mazi was smiling when somebody shot him, diamonds on heaven in the night air
Lemme me breathe for a minute
I mean, did a nigga not think this day would come?
I mean from Allah we come
To Allah we must return
I pour a four in a two liter
And remember some joy and we all well
I put a ho in a two-seater
I press on the floor and the car bail
Runnin’ the raw like a Barksdale
Dump through the miles with the cartel
Sell you a dog with a small tail
Low to the ground wit’ a large head
The ho that you lovin’, she garbage
I’ma go vroom in a Corvette
Take your shoes off in the apartment
We could go sit on the carpet
Look, I made you some tea, she got all wet
But I am not fallin’ for all that
I hit from the back and she “Aw yea!”
Now you gotta leave and don’t call back
I hit from the back and “Aw Yeaa!”
Now you gotta leave and don’t call back
Only the player shit I entertain
I done matured, I was bein’ lame
I had some cuts turned into stains
You know I’m still prayin’ for Lil’ Flame
I’m still affiliated with the game
Bread Winner Gang (Bread Winner Gang)
Cop lights, no lookin’ around at the stop light
These niggas be actin’ they not right and only security top flight
It might went over your head a lil’ bit but it come off of Friday with Mike Epps
Smokin’ a clip with a nice hep
We tryna celebrate another season
I’m tryna levitate it out of reachin’
I’m tryna meditate you with my breathin’
I’m tryna better ways from livin’ decent
I’m on some medication, got me thinkin’
I roll a cigarillo with Sativa


I’m on a different level on the Keisha
(Yeah) I’m on a different level on the Keisha
(Ayy) I’m on a different level on the Keisha
I’m on a different level on the Keisha
(Ayy) I’m on a different level on the Keisha

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