She Don’t Wanna

Kevin Gates

Album Behind Enemy Lines


And she don’t wanna make love
She just want me to come over and stroke her
And she don’t wanna make love
So I gotta bend her over and stroke her

Verse 1

I understand you got a man and I’m a dawg
Dick like a half a brick I just drop it off
Turn ya song on, turn ya phone off
Leave ya heels on, take ya thong off
Kiss ya knee caps, spread ya ass cheeks
Can’t 69 all the time, girl you nasty
Yeah, I’m touchin’ all on ya kitty
Get on top I’ll let you ride while I’m suckin’ all on ya titties
Ya boyfriend’s a lame so I’m ’bout to fuck ya brains out
You could say my name, go ahead and let it ring out
Love the way my ding-a-ling-a-ling hang out
Let me do my thing, I let my ding-a-ling hang out

Verse 2

We in the mirror (What you mean?) you my bad bitch
Up and down on the counter I attack it
While I stab it, then I grab it
In the back of her mind I know she thinkin’ what happened
Under a spell, I mean it must be magic
For me, for me
Jumpin’ out the shower with my towel on
I’m enjoyin’ this, I wan’ see you without the towel on
Double cup styrofoam I’mma taste the lean
Gimme a kiss, lick ya lips, you don’t taste the lean?
Taste the lean? That’s when she told me booty hole
Booty hole, I put it in her booty hole


Guns make my beat, guns make my beat

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