Smiling Faces

Kevin Gates

Album Stranger Than Fiction


Say bruh, I love you to death but bitch you gon’ hit it, or you gon’ lay on top of it
Get the fuck up nigga, you ain’t dead yet

Verse 1

Just got this word from above, placing my heart in this message
Evil’s after your soul, people smart with deceptions
Keep a sharp observation, allowing no infiltration
Of those you let in your circle
They get the chance, they gon’ hurt you
They be counting your pockets and you can tell by they comments
Incident with my car, when my nigga wanted to drive it
I told him no, he flashed out, texting my phone talking violent
And told me put him in a song and he was catchin’ a body
God protected my body, I fear no nigga breathin’
I feel like David and Goliath, a hungry pack of hyenas
Showing they teeth when I’m eating
Bitch, do it look like I’m cheesing?
Took my lick like a man
Then came home to the streets
No defeat!


When everyone’s around I bet you had a ball
Killing emotional attachments with the alcohol
They say they love you and that for you they do anything
You find it awkward that their eyes don’t say the same thing
Changing, lately, beware of smiling faces
Entangling, betraying, beware of smiling faces

Verse 2

These murders weigh on my conscience as I take too many showers
I need a woman to hold me, help me forget all my problems
It’s 5 a.m in Toronto, being she down here for college
She says her major’s psychology we’re both into astrology
This moscato was sweet, inhaling sticks of this broccoli
Hard to sleep on the side of me, seeming too much is bothering me
Memories haunting me, jumping up out my sleep
She might say “Babe it’s OK”, then put me straight back to sleep
I do this three or four times, my life on constant repeat
Reason I can’t quit syrup, my anxiety be fucking with me
Every bitch I’m with, find out I ain’t shit
After three weeks of just fucking with me
It’s a fucked up feeling when you looking in the mirror
Everybody just pretending they fucking with me
Who fucking with me?!


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