Kid Cudi

Album Dat Kid From Cleveland

Verse 1

Okay, so I’m kicking it right now
In the studio with my man DJ E-V
And, uhm..
I came here man
It was brought to my attention
By my nigga, Chip Tha Rip
That DJ E-V looks, very, very familiar to me
Like I’ve seen him before
I’ve met him once before
But when I met him for the first time, I was like man
I feel like I’ve seen this nigga somewhere
But, I couldn’t really put my finger on it
But I realised, that I’ve never seen him before
But, I’ve seen somebody, that looked like the nigga
But then it hit me, this motherfucker looks like Tom Cruise
And I’m not talking about –
He look like motherfucking, Mission impossible 2, Tom Cruise
Motherfucking, Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise, ya know what I’m saying
Not The Last Samurai, Tom Cruise
But I’ll talk about this Tom Cruise
Ya know what I’m saying like, before he went crazy Tom Cruise


(DJ E-V)


But naw, if you ever see DJ E-V
Come up to him be like, wassup Tom
You what I’m saying, give him dap
Tell him that you love his movies
And he would definently appreciate that
You heard it from me, heard it from
Kid Cudi, it’s the K.I.D
You can call me moon man

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