Holey Moley

Kid Ink

Album Rocketshipshawty

Hewgh, Hewgh


I said it’s Kid Ink, baby, rocketshipshawty
Rocking to the beat, kicking in my Jordans
You can tell that I’m feeling myself for the moment
Feeling myself holey moley
Holey moley, holey moley
Holey moley, holey moley
Holey moley, holey moley
You can tell that I’m feeling myself holey moley

Now you know just what it is, running to me like a lap
Reporting from the left side out the fucking map
So lit, lit up, ain’t a motherfucking match
Know I gotta stay fly, fly way over your nest.
Might took it too far and I ain’t never coming back
Give a bitch a cold shoulder, all this ice around my neck
I said this kid ink baby, chain by the kilo
See you niggas looking at my rings like Smeagol
Blowing all these swishers, man, fucking up the eco
And my ego got me feeling like ain’t nobody equal
In this bitch holey moley, moley, pockets stuffed
Just like ravioli where you at, tell them donde estas
My crib look like Best Buy, might entertain your girlfriend
Computer love, no question
You see me rolling with hella bands like Quest Love
How you feeling, you, my best homie
We out of here, bitch can’t show


Holey moley, moley, moley in your face
Gold chain around my neck, gold bottles by the case
Live a fast life, don’t know how to pace it
Can’t lie, don’t know about you, but me, nigga, I’m wasted
Now it’s ridiculousness, you lust for this rough stuff
I leave that pussy rubbed up, wet, bat gang, nigga
It’s set, settle down with all that loud, we be at where you ain’t allowed
Wow, going wild for a while
Tell a nigga get back, tell a bitch get down
I ain’t never been a dog, but my niggas all hounds
Alumni we in here, ’til the end of days, no telling
What I’m about to do in this motherfucker
But I know what I’m feeling myself


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